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Snoring and sleep apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea are common diseases that can be treated. At Clínica Cuevas Queipo we have a Medical Unit specialised in this field so we can offer you a clinical diagnosis and an effective treatment.

Causes of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Esquema sobre ronquido y apnea del sueño

Snoring arises as a result of the vibration of the soft tissues of the pharynx which, during sleep, relaxes the muscles, the jaw and tongue are pulled back, helping to reduce the opening space between them, making it lose the permeability of this airway that is half-buried and, consequently, materialising in sound.

The sound of snoring is really a sound of vibrating tissues.

On many occasions, and derived from this, there is a lack of air flow, which our body detects due to a drop in oxygen levels in the blood, causing an immediate response of our brain in the form of arousal that causes an interruption in the normal development of sleep.

In a very severe form of snoring, the airways collapse frequently and lastingly and the lungs do not receive enough oxygen.

This process affects our daily lives more than we believe or identify, causing daytime sleepiness, generalised tiredness or memory loss among other symptomathology which, accumulated day by day, causes a decrease in work performance, deficiencies in care and even the situation may be aggravated causing conditions that seem less related, such as gastric reflux, depression, infarction, pulmonary arterial hypertension, type II diabetes…

In addition to physical problems this disease, which in many cases is not conceived as such, can lead to social and even affective problems, since continued snoring causes discomfort to the partner, who does not rest as necessary, or even clashes with friends, family or work colleagues, due to radical mood swings or depression of the sufferer.

In specialised hands, it is a fast disease to diagnose and its treatment is perfectly compatible with the patient’s daily routine.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Unit

At Clínica Cuevas Queipo we have the Snoring and Sleep Apnea Unit, an international reference medical unit that brings together all specialists in the field for the first time: pulmonologist, otorhinolaryngologist , dentist, orthodontist and maxillo facial surgeon.

Gustavo de Luiz

Dr. Gustavo de Luiz

Head of the Department of Pneumology, Xanit International Hospital

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Robin Reyes

Dr. Robin Reyes

Head of the Otorhinolaryngology Service, Xanit International Hospital

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Dr. Alberto Cuevas Millán

Dr. Alberto Cuevas Millán

Medical director
Health officer
Dr. in Medicine and Surgery
Coleg MA-4801
Dr. en Odontología
Coleg MA-762

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Dra. Teresa Queipo de Llano Ruíz

Dra. Teresa Queipo de Llano Ruíz

Medical director
Health officer
Dr. in Medicine and Surgery
Coleg MA-6090
Odontóloga – Ortodoncista
Coleg MA-2193

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Dr. José Montes Jiménez

Dr. in Medicine and Surgery
Coleg MA-6971
Cirujano Oral y Maxilofacial

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Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatments

We start from the clinical history of each patient, something fundamental to be able to diagnose. In the subsequent anatomical study we include three-dimensional images of the whole pharynx and maxillaries for a perfect vision and internal evaluation. Finally, in the study of sleep, the levels of activity of the patient during the dream are recorded taking into account: nasal pressure, the frequency and intensity of snoring, respiratory muscle activity, heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood, among others.

Ultimately, we issue a diagnosis and apply the treatment that the specific case requires.

The possibilities of treatment are diverse and customised according to the results of the study. Healthy living habits and hygienic-dietary measures are very important, and we often recommend:

  • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and Auto-APAP (Automatic Positive Airway Pressure)
  • Mandibular advancement devices
  • Orthodontics treatments that conveniently relate both dental arches and nasal dilators
  • Surgery (CMF, ENT)

Ortho Apnea


In the cases of simple snoring we apply the mandibular advancement devices, which are very comfortable and effective. We trust in the international brand Ortho Apnea, laboratory of recognized prestige specialised in elaborating these devices. The main element within the treatment is an intraoral device of comfortable and easy use , tailor-made, and that the patient uses during their hours of sleep. Discreet and comfortable, it produces proper breath eliminating snoring completely. No tubes or masks are needed, it is removable and the patient can carry it with them and use it in their usual accommodation or elsewhere.

The mechanism of action is based on a controlled and comfortable advancement of the jaw, by increasing muscle tone at the level of the airway. This facilitates the passing of air by eliminating snoring and improving episodes of apnea, which results in a marked improvement in the patient's quality of life.

The figure of the dentist in collaboration with the pulmonologist is crucial, as the causes of snoring have a lot to do with the position of the jaw and even the position of the teeth.

Problems associated with this disease are also the occlusion with retrusion of the jaw or the so-called "overocclusion", which means that the upper incisors almost prevent seeing the lower ones when the mouth is closed).

CPAP and Auto-APAP


In cases of Sleep Apnea-Hypoapnea Syndrome, we use CPAP and Auto-APAP. They are generators of positive air pressure (continuous in the case of CPAP and automatic in the case of the Auto-APAP), silent and transportable, which keep the airway permeable during sleep, preventing respiratory pauses (apneas) and ensuring adequate sleep cycle development and correct night oxygenation. The equipment consists of generator, tubing, mask and, in severe cases, possibility of connection to oxygen concentrator. There is a wide range of equipment according to the profile of each patient. All equipment is periodically checked by qualified technical personnel. And, if the patient wishes, they will have a specialised medical consultation by the pneumologist.

Once the patient is diagnosed, we guarantee the beginning of treatment in a maximum of 48 hours and the adaptation to it in a period which does not exceed three weeks.

If you suffer from sleep apnea síndrome, you can benefit from rapid and accurate diagnosis, without long waiting lists, and be treated immediately with the most advanced technology in the market.

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