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Orthodontics has evolved: now there are more discrete options that allow the teeth to be aligned and decentralised during the process.

The problem of malformation in the teeth has always existed, as well as the need to solve it. It is often thought that this is only a cosmetic question, when the truth is that having a bad occlusion (bite) affects breathing, chewing and even speech. At a cosmetic level, it is known that the first impact caused by a person says a lot about them, so a correct alignment of the teeth is a completely necessary cover letter.

To this day, a good smile means security, self-esteem, confidence, presence, etc.

Although its aim is mainly an aesthetic improvement, society has been somewhat reluctant to improve with these types of treatments precisely because of image issues. Many of our treatments only last between 6 and 15 months. However, they often express that desire to have their teeth aligned but without the process of correction being something so striking that, in a way, has conditioned their lives. That is when cosmetic orthodontics comes into play.

Transparent removable orthodontics

The transparent orthodontic Alineadent is the most advanced invisible dental corrector in the market.

It is an invisible 3D orthodontics made exclusively for each patient with a flexible material. It has the advantage of being removable, so it can be removed to eat or brush their teeth, with the added comfort and hygiene that this always means for the person who wears it.

Its discretion achieves what seemed impossible: the patient returns to enjoy their own smile even during the treatment process.

More discreet: As it is made of a transparent material, nobody will notice that they are wearing it and they will not feel the need to hide their smile.

More comfortable: It avoids the annoyance caused by the braces; it allows you to speak comfortably, avoiding scrapes or wounds.

More hygienic: Being removable, it allows a complete cleaning of the mouth, without the risk of retaining food caused by the braces.

More practical: The prosthesis can be removed and put on at any time, allowing greater flexibility when eating or participating in important events.

More precise: It avoids errors in the manufacturing process, using a single digital model that is not alterable. We can predict the final results thanks to the software used.

More economical: Being made entirely in Spain, it presents a lower cost and shorter delivery time.

Fixed Orthodontics (Braces)

The most well-known orthodontics device is the classic “braces” in metallic tone. So, both manufacturers and our orthodontics specialists have established new ways of working, taking into account the needs of a society which seeks to have an end result without showing the process. That is why today we can talk about cosmetic orthodontics, a type of orthodontics that meets these requirements.

On the one hand, we have the sapphire braces, similar to the usual braces but for the fact that they are mimicked with the colour of the teeth, so they are much more discreet.

On the other hand, we have the Damon system, a little more visible than the sapphire braces, but which has the advantage of greatly reducing the duration of the treatment, so the final result is obtained earlier than usual.

Invisible lingual orthodontics


Lingual orthodontics is a technique by which fixed braces are placed on the inner face of the teeth, so that they are not visible at first sight.

What type of orthodontics is the ideal one?

The type of orthodontics is determined by the characteristics of the mouth of each person. Between the first and the second appointment we perform a cephalometric study which, according to the mobility of the teeth, the jaw, the palate, its occlusion, etc., will determine the best treatment to follow. For this, it is necessary to take measures, to make a personalised mold of plaster and an x-ray. Orthodontics treatment is painless, so it does not require anesthesia.

Orthodontics treatments at Clínica Cuevas Queipo are performed personally by our odontologist and doctor in medicine and surgery Teresa Queipo de Llano Ruíz, who has a specialisation and great experience in orthodontics and is certified in Alineadent invisible orthodontics.

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