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Facilities and equipment

In a completely renovated historical building in the heart of Malaga, the clinic has various spaces that are specifically adapted to purpose. Each room benefits from the installation of materials and equipment necessary for optimal operation


New generation sterilisation room with two autoclaves (sterilisation machines).

Comfortably appointed waiting rooms adjacent to the reception.

Preoperative and postoperative recovery room for the best in relaxation for our patients.

9 oral treatment cubicles, all equipped with intraoral radiography appliances and state of the art Sirona-Siemens treatment chairs.

Consultation offices equipped for patient care and explanation of treatments.

State of the art x-ray equipment; a Sirona-Siemens orthopantomograph to perform a single-shot panoramic x-ray of all the bones and teeth. A 3D Galileos Sirona-Siemens scanner displays the bones and teeth in three dimensions for more complex cases of orthnognathic surgery or implant.

Centralized nitrous oxide and oxygen system for surgery under sedation.

Instrumental and machinery

State of the art dental equipment with cold light circuit in all instruments. All of our Siemens-Sirona dental equipment is constantly updated for optimum use and safety.

Surgical and prosthetic equipment, for the positioning of implants and prostheses on implants.

Cold light ultrasound for tooth cleaning with greater control and without any risk to the teeth.

Computer micro surgery for performing the least invasive techniques.

Resuscitation equipment for medical emergencies.

CEREC: system of computer aided design via an intraoral camera with laser guide and ceramic dental reconstruction.

Plasma lamps, cold leds, laser and an entire range of lighting technology for polymerization and dental bleaching.

We use state of the art adhesives for all fillings and dental restorations.

Laser dentistry for conservative dentistry and high level periodontics.

ENDOX system for maximum accuracy in endodontic treatment.

Mounting on articulator: plaster models are mounted on special articulators in the same position as the patient's teeth and jaws, for the most accurate malocclusion diagnosis.

Computer network: patients' medical histories and financial status are computerised, ensuring fast and secure attention. The ODONTONET® program provides high level data protection and works in conjunction with the other programs for dental treatment, keeping your data secure.

Apnealink® and Embletta®: sleep study polygraph equipment for outpatient diagnosis of snoring and sleep apnoea.

Florida Probe®: diagnostic probe system for digitalized periodontal charts used in the majority of training centres for periodontics and dental research publications.

External dental surgery equipment for surgery under general anaesthesia in hospitals across the province.

Centralized nitrous oxide and oxygen system for sedation in all our treatment rooms. Anaesthesiology equipment for respiratory sedation with nitrous oxide and intravenous sedation.

Radiodiagnosis and imaging

BlueCam 4.0 Cerec AC System for records and virtual dental models.

Three dimensional treatment simulation system for prosthesis and surgery: a combination of CEREC® and GALILEOS® systems in all our treatment stations.

DIGORA® digital intraoral radiology system in all our treatment stations.

Orthopantomograph: provides x-rays of all teeth and the jaw bones in a single exposure. It can also be used to scan the mandibular joint (TMJ).

All of our radiological systems are digital state of the art equipment for the highest quality with minimum radiation.

Computerized Cephalometrics: we use special computer programs to study the position of the teeth and the growth of the jaw bones.

Intraoral Camera: allows us to view and easily zoom in on problems in the patient's mouth. We show our patients all the procedures they need live on a television screen, magnified before, during and after the work. It is almost impossible to miss any detail with our camera.

Diagnostics and 3D planning: for the diagnosis and planning of maxillofacial and cosmetic treatments tratments, we use the most advanced three dimensional computer programs, which guarantee us a precise and accurate vision of the cases to be treated.

Sidexis - Galileos- 3D®: this program provides us with three dimensional images of the teeth and facial bones. It allows us to view and schedule orthognathic surgery and complex implant treatments. It is extremely useful for carrying out measurements in cases of bone regeneration and for planning the placement of grafts, as well as dynamic tomography prior to surgical treatment with a full scale treatment simulator.

Ortomed®: a program that displays the bones of the skull and can be used to perform various measurements for craniofacial orthodontics and can be used to measure airways, which is indispensable in anti-snoring and sleep apnoea treatments.

Procera System® and Nobel Guide®: a program that can be used to plan implant procedures. We assess the quality and dimensions of the jaw bone using a scanner and plan surgery by virtually positioning implants. We also use this to create a guide for positioning the implants, usually without incisions or stitches.

Odontonet®: a specialized program for the integrated management of orthodontics clinics.

Triple safe sterilisation protocol

Chemical sterilisation, heat sterilisation and bagging of material.

As far as possible, all material is single-use and disposable.

Maximum use of single use materials: Needles, saliva ejectors, surgical aspirators, individual dose of anaesthesia, cups, bibs, napkins, gloves, brushes, material applicators, cotton rolls, gauze, scalpels, needle and suture thread, buckets of fluoride, and many other dental materials and instruments for single use.

Disinfection of dental equipment and surfaces: we use different disinfectant solutions to clean dental chairs and any potentially contaminated surfaces.

Barrier methods: gloves, masks, goggles and uniforms are worn by clinic staff.

Correct waste handling: special containers for sharps and biologically contaminated material.

Asepsis in the laboratory.

Surgery sterilisation protocol for any type of oral surgery using state of the art autoclaves.